Hiking and cycling

Shiokari huette is surrounded by woods and wild life.There are recommended hiking trails and cycling courses from Shiokari Hütte.You will probably see rare birds or wild life such as foxes, deers and squirrels during cycling and hiking. Free rental bicycles are available (two bikes) .  Please ask the manager about details. 
You can also enjoy a guided cycling tour with charge (booking required).

Mountain hiking

Trailheadtravel distance
Mt. Kurodake cable car60㎞  (1 hour drive)
Mt. Asahidake cable car72㎞  (1 hour 40 mins drive)
Ginsendai 83㎞   (1 hour 40 mins drive)
Kougen onsen82㎞   (1 hour 40 mins drive)
Mt. Teshio55㎞ (1 hour 30 mins drive)   

Outdoor bath (Goemon buro) 

This is the Japanese traditional outdoor bath. It is an iron bathtub heated by wood fire.
Try out and experience this old Japanese bathing style by yourself. (booking required)

Nature observation

Many wild animals live around the Huette including Ezo deer, fox, Ezo yuki rabbit, Ezo squirrel, raccoon and wild birds.
They don’t often show up but you can tell by their footprints that the animals have come. 

In spring, it is famous for Hitome senbon sakura, cherry blossoms, as well as many wild flowers such as Katakuri, Obanano enreisou and Ezo engosaku.

Snow shoeing

We have approximately 2 meters deep of snow and the temperature that sometimes comes below 20 degrees C in winter. 
You will enjoy snowshoeing on squashy and powdery snow with no footsteps.  Snowshoe rental is for free.

Ski and snowboarding

We have two local ski sites in 10mins drive from Shiokari Hütte.

Wassamu higashiyama ski site 
Pippu ski site

Powdery snow and no need to wait in a queue to ride lifts.We will give you a ride to these ski sites.